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Wet Cleaning

We now offer wet cleaning services

It's our personal dress-by-dress service. Now only $175!

We use only environmentally friendly products for stain removal.

Gowns should never be stored in plastic. It will cause 'yellowing' of the dress materials. Remember to always store in a cloth bag. 

Purchase Options: 


 1) Cloth bag: $15;   2) Box: $75



Some dry-cleaning shops use what is called wet-cleaning for their wedding dress cleaning. Wet cleaning is simply cleaning with water and has several advantages.
  • It is the best cleaner for sugar spills, most food stains, and dirty hems.
  • If the dress has been well rinsed, wet-cleaning leaves no chemicals on the dress, which will help to keep the dress in the best possible condition.
  • Water washing removes the fabric sizing (a starch like substance added to fabric during manufacturing.) Removing the sizing helps protect your gown, because sizing is enticing to mice and insects!

Please contact us via email for drop off times.